Tuesday, December 18, 2012


POWER BANK 12000mAH. RM150.

Alasan utama sy suke charging gune POWER BANK sebab CHARGING GUNE POWER BANK lagi cepat fulll berbanding gune charger biasa & ianya PORTABLE, mudah dibawa ke mana2! Dpt charging hp di waktu2 kecemasan =)

What is Portable Charger

It is a solution for you to charge your smartphones / iPhones / iPads / Digital Cameras / Gps or similar gadgets wherever you are, whenever you need, you name it..

Do you have experience your phone battery down when you have to make an important call? You still have thousand of pictures more to catch but your digital camera have no more battery left? You are travelling and nowhere to charge your phone or tablet? You have a good gadget unfortunotely it is hunger for power..

Then here you are, you need a powerbank.

Trust me, it is easy and very practical.

How to use 

1. Firstly you need to charge your high capacity Powerbank.

2. Unplug and bring it with you wherever you go. It is portable and only 232 grams.

3. Ah ha, now your gadget power getting low. Connect your gadget to Powerbank and suprise, it charging faster and some more it is portable!

4. After finish charging it still got extra! Remember, 12000mAh can charge up to 6 times, depend on your gadget battery capacity and its performance.


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