Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Car Seat (Baby Portable Car Seat)

Portable Car Seat RM75

BAby Carrier Car seat / Baby portable CAr seat(Available in Yellow & pink)

Suitable for baby 6mths - 30 mths
Car seat baby carrier is developed with safety and comfort to five today's Mums a new choice.
It is a good artner of parents and they can enjoy the time with their baby when outdoors.
Features: Easy-to-use fastenings Hardness is separate from the baby fo added safety. Simple and rapid assembly

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  1. ade lg ker baby portable car seat nie???

  2. lg 2 weeks restock lg tp kaler pink je.kalo berminat, email sy ye.tq

  3. salam .yg ni ade stock tak?saya nak pakai urgent,monday ni..